Why health professions should be excluded from EU proportionality directive – opinion paper by OSE

Mrs. Rita Baeten (whom many of you will remember from early the days of the revision of the Qualifications Directive). Mrs Baeten now works for the European Social Observatory and her article argues that health professionals should be exempt from the proposed proportionality directive for regulated professions. She argues further that a specific approach is needed for the application […]

HPCB recommendations on EPC & Alert Mechanism

Following the HPCB conference in October 2016 and feedback received from the HPCB fitness to practise sanctions mapping survey, HPCB have complied a set of recommendations to the European Commission on the European professional card (EPC) and alert mechanism. The European Commission recently marked the first year anniversary of the EPC and alert mechanism and […]

Workshop on EPC & Alert Mechanism – 16 May

The European Commission is holding a workshop to reflect on the experiences of the first year of operation of the European Professional Card (EPC) and the accompanying ‘Alert Mechanism’. It will take place on 16 May 2017 in Brussels. The Commission launched a public survey on 17 March to gather views on first experiences of both initiatives. […]

Commission publishes survey on EPC & Alert Mechanism

The European Commission has launched a survey on the experiences of the EPC and the Alert Mechanism. As you know these are still run as “pilots” and the results of the evaluation will help decide how the EPC should be extended to other professions. It is very important that we all respond to this survey […]

Priorities of the Network adopted

As you will remember from the Madrid meeting, the Consejo General de Enfermeria has kindly made resources available to continue running the Secretariat of the Network. We have an exciting programme of work which will focus on the following 5 priorities: Ensure Annex V of the Qualifications Directive reflects regulators’ interests Represent Nurse Regulators in […]

HPCB Fitness to Practise survey

Dear colleague  You will remember last year that following the Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders conference in October a Fitness to Practise sanctions mapping survey was launched aimed at mapping sanctions applied across Europe and how these are reflected in the alert mechanism. The data collected from the survey will help proactive sharing of information across […]

Meeting with Commission about Annexe V

The Secretariat has met with the European Commission, alongside EFN, to discuss our desired changes to the Annexe. The Commission warmly welcomed the consensus document and shed some light on their next steps. At present the DG Growth unit in charge of the file has little resources and they indicated that they would not be able to […]

Proposal for a Directive on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions

In January 2017 the European Commission published a proposal for a Directive on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions “The Commission’s priority is “to put policies that create growth and jobs at the centre of the policy agenda”. Unnecessary regulation places unjustified burdens upon European economies. Removing such barriers opens up opportunities […]